Managing implants in the esthetic zone requires a fundamental understanding of the basic sciences to predictably produce desirable results. Contrary to what most think, the esthetic outcome must be planned for prior to implant placement.

This seminar will focus on what the restorative dentist needs to evaluate and what is possible prior to referral to the implant surgeon.

Furthermore, the surgeon must respect the limits of the restorative dentist if the implant foundation is deficient or mal-positioning of implant occurs.
Proper papillae form is dependent on multiple factors. Some of the factors include:

1. Tooth form.
2. Soft tissue requirements.
3. Hard tissue requirements.
4. Positioning.
5. Benefits of screw retained in the esthetic zone.
6. Indications and contraindications of immediate implant placement.
7. Absolute need to provisionalize prior to final restoration both in immediate situations and in delayed cases.


Dr. Domenic Belcastro completed his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry in 1982 and his DDS degree in 1986 from the University of Toronto Masters degree Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Implant Surgery at Lille University Medical School, France, 2010. He is an alumnus of the Pankey Institute (Key Biscayne Fla.), a founding member of the Canadian Academy of Esthetic Dentistry as well as Scientific director of Advanced Occlusion and Esthetics CE program in Toronto. Dr. Belcastro is also on faculty with Chanavaz International Institute of Oral and Maxillofacial Implantology (CIIOMFI), FRANCE and author of several scientific articles. He has served on the committee of the RCDSO PLP program, lectured in Canada, the US and UK, is a member is good standing with numerous academies and associations. Dr. Belcastro maintains a private practice in Toronto, Canada.

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